5 Tips for Making Money Writing Online for Textbroker

Speed is the Key to Making Money at Textbroker


Writing for Textbroker can be a fun and easy way to make a few extra bucks. However, in order to make the most out of your Textbroker writing experience, it helps to know a few tricks.

The pay at Textbroker is low, and the company expects a relatively high quality of work for the money. That being said, the company is generally a hassle free place to earn money writing.

Textbroker always pays on time, and the staff always responds in a helpful and friendly manner to any questions or concerns. Here are a few tips that may make writing for Textbroker a little easier.

Avoid Customers with High Rewrite Requests

The key to making money with Textbroker is to quickly write articles that meet the spelling and grammar standards of your rating level.

Unfortunately, too many customers impose unreasonably high quality standards on the writers. Click on the customer’s ID number to see his rewrite and rejection percentage rates.

Ideally, you should write for someone with a rewrite percentage of less than 5 percent. You may even be okay in the 10 to 15 percent range. But it would be wise to avoid anyone with rewrite rates above that.

You can’t afford to spend much, if any time, on rewrites at Textbroker pay rates. So don’t waste your time with overly picky people.

Minimize Research

Try to stick to articles that you can write off the top of your head. If you need do do some research, keep it to a bare minimum.

Quickly look up the necessary facts and start writing. Avoid the temptation to really get into it and dig deep into the subject matter unless you are really bored or something.

Avoid Customers with Complicated Instructions

When you see an article where the customer has a long detailed list of complicated instructions and demands you should avoid it no matter what. Too many scamers are looking for gullible or desperate people to write extensive articles for next to nothing.

Don’t put yourself through it for 4 or 5 bucks. Many of these type of people resell these same articles at a much higher price. Don’t write an article worth $25 or more for a couple of bucks.

Write Fast

To make money at Textbroker, you need to write your articles quickly. Don’t go crazy and write so fast like a maniac that your articles are incomprehensible and crappy.

Just don’t get bogged down with hesitation and over thinking the subject matter. Remember, however, it is very important to maintain proper spelling and grammar.

Don’t Worry About Raising Your Rating

The Textbroker rating system is messed up. The editors get too far behind in their writer evaluations and end up rushing to grade your articles. In many cases, they seem to take the easy way out and just rate the article at the writer’s current level.

It doesn’t matter if you spend an hour on an article trying to make it perfect or you just crank it out in ten minutes, they rate it the same.

However, if you really want to raise your rating, pay particular attention to the proper use of commas. Textbroker editors are fanatical about commas. You can also go through the online training provided by Textbroker University to improve your skills.

After completion of the course, Textbroker editors will review your 10 most recent articles and provide feedback and a reevaluation of your skills.

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