Be a Successful Work at Home Mom and Make Money Online


A mom searching for a way to make money online so that she can be a work at home mom will find an abundance of possibilities.

For every legitimate way to make money online there are dozens of others that are less than authenticate. Being able to find proven methods that work takes time.

A good alternative to weeding through all of these “opportunities” is to read about moms that are already successfully making money online by being a work at home mom. Finding these moms is as simple as reading blogs written by them.

My quest to be a work at home mom began by reading hundreds of blogs of moms who each have various methods of making money online. All that reading lead me to decide to try blogging using sponsored posts.

In order to begin blogging a mom first needs to decide on a blogging platform. There are quite a few available, but not all are free. I chose Blogger since I wanted to see if it was possible to make money online without much expense.

The only thing I paid for was my domain name, which only cost ten dollars. But it isn’t even necessary to have a domain name.

Starting a blog is as simple as deciding on a name and what direction the blog should take in terms of material and signing up with your platform of choice.

These simple steps will lead to the ability to make money online with either sponsored posts or ads. I personally have two blogs. One of them I use payperpost and the other blog I use SocialSpark.

Payperpost allows a blogger with a blog that is only thirty days old and ten post written within that time period to start earning money to blog.

Although Payperpost and SocialSpark are owned by the same parent company called Izea, SoicalSoark has more stringent requirements.

They require blogs to be at least ninety days old and twenty posts within that period of time in order to start earning money to blog. These are only two of the companies that pay bloggers to write posts.

There are also other methods to earn money with a blog, such as through advertising. Google Adsense and Amazon are only two of many companies that will pay a blogger a percentage of the earnings from the sales of products that were sold through ads placed on a blog.

This method sounds good and there are some success stories using ads to earn money online, but unless a blog has a lot of traffic on a daily basis this is not always an easy or quick way to begin making money online.

It is possible for a blog to earn money using this method, but first a constant flow of traffic needs to be established. I first tried this method of monetizing one of my blogs and didn’t find that it worked very well for my blog situation.

Anyone who wants to be a work at home mom and make money online by blogging needs to realize that both methods for making money blogging are legitimate, but are not for those that think this will be a way to get rich quick. Although blogging can be fun at times, it is work.

Even if you are a very talented writer you will still have to work at getting traffic to come to your blog as this will be key for making money with either payed posts or ads.

One of the most popular blogging tools online is a website called Entrecard. This site alone will not only help a beginning blogger to drive traffic to her blog, but also will provide access to many different types of blogs.

Entrecard is strictly for bloggers, but there are other companies that will help drive traffic to your blog that do not cater to bloggers specifically.

Link Referral is one such site where a new blogger can go to bring traffic to her blog as well as get feedback on blog style and load times. For a new blogger just starting out it would be wise to use several different methods.

Taking these very basic steps in starting a blog will help a mom reach her goal of making money online and being a work at home mom so that she can be available for her children.

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