Best Way to Earn Money Online: Plant Money Seeds

Use Your Imagination. The Possibilities Are Endless!


There are many people looking for ways to make money online, but it is seen often enough where a person, even upon finding an opportunity, will complain about how low it pays, even when a program does pay (many internet sites are scams, and to find a paying site means that you are fortunate).

To be successful at your quest of making online money, you must look beyond the pennies. By this I don’t mean to turn your nose up at pennies. What I do mean is to use each opportunity in the wisest way possible.

For example, MyLot is a paid to post forum that actually does pay..I’ve personally been paid. You can either take the little bit you are paid for your posting and consider that the end of your quest of making money, or you can have it as ONE of the things that you are doing, and start intertwining things to your best advantage.

Once I started finding other things that make money, it was not advantageous to sit for hours and hours placing posts just for a bit of money because it kept me from doing things that paid more.

BUT, if you use it as a networking tool, to gather interest for your website (which you can place in your profile), when you have built up a reputation, then you get paid for the contacts you have with others there that are helping you to make money through other means.

If it takes you two or three months to reach payout, it doesn’t matter so much, because you have used it at times that it most benefited you, and the money will come in handy when you receive it.

When you get paid, tell people that you were – since people want to find what sites pay, you can develop referrals that way.

When you receive payments for your efforts online, you can either take the money and spend it, or you can invest it to help you make more money!

$25 of the money that I have made online joined other money that came in as payments to me, for a total of $57.10, and was invested at 29% at Prosper to a second time borrower who was reliable but requested a higher rate, which will continue making me money for three years.

The payments that come in will be reinvested at high rates too. If you take a dollar out of your wallet and look at it, you are looking at a seed. Now, either you can destroy the seed by spending it on a one-time consumption, or you can plant these seeds and make them grow.

Shortly, within a couple weeks of the date I am writing this, I anticipate a $35.77 payment from Payperpost for writing 4 posts.

The same thought process applies. I could use this extra money to spend on something frivolous or disposable, or I could use it to build up my health with BarleyLife, which will expand my physical energy and level of health so that I can spend more time doing wealth-building.

It could cover the interest on my student loan for a month, or it could be invested at 8-29% through Prosper and keep making me money.

It could be used to purchase a paid review from ReviewMe or Payperpost to expand my readership so that my page rank would go up, which would qualify me for higher paying paid to post opportunities with those sites.

Tie everything you do, together. Use one site to further your efforts at another site. Use money from one source to help you make money at another source. Pretty soon it should reach critical mass and explode your capacity to make money.

Can you make money online? I run into naysayers who figure it isn’t possible, but what they don’t see is how to find potential in everything that pays, to further them toward their goals.

During the time it took me to write this article: someone signed up for Payperpost and made me $15.00. Now, I can take that money and go spend it on going out to eat, or……….. investing it for long term financial security sounds a lot yummier!

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