Getting Paid to Travel


How to Travel and Make Money Doing it?

Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid to travel? You can see the country, spend a minimal sum of money, and draw a paycheck. It’s not out of reach at all. How can you can paid to travel?

One of the ways to do this is to be a Tour Bus Driver. To drive a bus, you will need a chauffeur’s license. You might also be required to take a physical and a drug test, so that the prospective employer knows they have a healthy job candidate.

How does this get you paid to travel? The tour bus company might advertise a trip to a certain location, and a group of people charter a bus to this destination. Of course, the trip needs a driver, and this where you come in, and get paid to travel.

If the tour will be a long one, there will likely be two drivers to relieve each other. The trip often includes your motel stay and meals, leaving you with little expense while traveling. Many times, besides the pay check, group members tip the driver, adding to your pay.

Not all tours will be overnight ones, or ones that you travel a great distance however. Some tour trips might be an hour away from your home, such as going to a zoo or museum.

Obviously, these will not tip you, and you might find yourself thinking that you are not being paid to travel. While these local trips might have you questioning the idea of getting paid to travel, they still pay you and are certainly worthwhile.

A tour bus generally travels on an itinerary, meaning that you must be possess good time management skills. You will also be expected to log your travel.

Another wonderful benefit of tour bus driving is the amount of people you meet. If you make a good impression with the passengers, which you should, chances are those that take regular tours to certain destinations will request you again as their driver. Drivers should be friendly and outgoing yet be open to diverse backgrounds.

Some duties you might have as a tour bus driver:

  • Act as tour guide by pointing out areas of interest.
  • Escort tourists on sightseeing or educational excursions.
  • Ensures that the group arrives and departs events in a timely matter.
  • Load and unload luggage, checking to make sure all is accounted for.
  • Ensures that the coach is cleaned and ready to travel.

To find tour bus companies hiring drivers, look in the yellow pages for bus tours, buses-charter and rental, bus lines, and tours. Travel agencies might also be able to connect you with tour bus companies.

Getting paid to travel can be a fun and rewarding job.

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