How to Get Paid to Post Videos


In my search for ways to make money online I’ve found a couple of places that will pay you to post videos.

Each one of them works a little differently, and there are two of them that I like better than the third, but each of them provides a way to make money online without a lot of work.

And once you do the work, then the income you earn is mostly passive.


Share-A-Flick has been around since January 2007 and I think is the best way to get paid to post videos. They have three ways for you to get paid.

You are paid for every unique video view, this means that if someone keeps viewing the same video over and over you only get paid for the first time.

In addition they allow you post Google ads on each of your video pages which is nice because you just add your Google ID to the form and that’s it.

The third and final way to make money is by referrals. Each time you refer a new person you receive 10% of all their video views forever.

The three ways you can capitalize on making money are only the beginning of the advantages.

Another advantage to posting videos at Share-A-Flick is that you can post both your own videos and videos from other places where they allow you to embed their videos in your web pages or wherever.

In fact any videos from myspace or youtube get automatic approval. If you embed a video from elsewhere then you have to wait for approval.

So, all your favorite videos that you love from youtube, myspace, google video or that you’ve created yourself can be posted on Share-A-Flick where you will be paid for each unique page view.

There is no charge to sign up and post videos to Share-A-Flick and they pay you via paypal. The minimum cash out is $20. This is much better than some places that won’t let you cash out until you reach $50 or more.


Flixya is my second favorite paid to post videos opportunity. The reason it is my second favorite paid to post videos opportunity is because like Share-A-Flick and Nelsok they allow you to post Google ads around your videos.

You do this by giving them your Google Adsense ID when you sign up. However, unlike Nelsok, they have a referral program.

This is a big deal to me because it is one more way for me to make money with them. Having that referral program makes it my second favorite.

The referral program works like this, your Google Adsense publisher ID will be displayed 20% of the time on those you referred video pages.

Signing up is free, and like Share-A-Flick, and Nelsok, you can post your own videos or embed ones from youtube, myspace, google video or wherever.


Nelsok is very similar to Share-A-Flick and Flixya just without the many advantages that Share-A-Flick has. Still if you are into making passive income this is one way to do it.

The main difference is that Nelsok does not pay you for views, but rather since they allow you to post Google ads on your video pages, you get paid through Google Adsense.

Also, for every one ad posted for the user’s benefit, one ad to benefit Nelsok is also displayed. So basically both you and Nelsok will benefit.

You can post your own videos, or embed videos from elsewhere such as youtube, myspace, yahoo video or wherever. They do have a disclaimer on their website though about how you cannot post copyrighted videos.

As long as you only post your own videos or from places that allow you to post their videos elsewhere you should be fine.

Nelsock does not have a referral program either, so this is another reason it is not my most favorite paid to post videos opportunity.

You can sign up free with Nelsok and begin making passive income which will be paid to you through Google Adsense as soon as you post your first video.

Now, if you really want to make passive income using paid to post videos websites, what I suggest and what I personally do myself is that you choose different videos for each website. Don’t post the same videos at each one.

You will be much more likely to make money if you post different ones since they give you links that you can post different places for each video.

You don’t want to have links to the same videos at each place. If you have different ones then you have more unique links to post on your blog, website, or wherever.

This is how you can make what is mostly passive income. You do have to do a little work in finding the videos to post, but after that and posting your links, you will be able to begin earning income by posting your favorite videos.

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