How to Make Money on Associated Content

It Seems Easy Enough, but it Takes Work!


So you’re in the same boat I am, and you need extra money. You do NOT have to be a professional or even a creative writer to use Associated Content as supplemental income,and though it helps, it’s not required. Here are some tips on making money on Associated Content.

1. Write about things that are going to get a lot of page views.

When I started writing for AC, I was posting college papers that I had written for classes. Hell, they were on my computer already, why not see what happens?

But I wasn’t getting a lot of page views, so I didn’t make much off of them. I started writing about more popular things, and giving them direct titles. Think about what YOU Google, and title your articles accordingly.

For instance, I Google HOW TO use certain websites, so I wrote about How to Use Craigslist, because it’s a popular website write now.

And that short and simple title is going to get me instant hits when people google that. Review recent movies, talk about famous people, review cell phones, travel spots, etc.

When you’re writing articles, ALWAYS (unless you’re writing at the last minute about a news item, event coming up, etc) choose “Upfront payment and performance payments” when you’re publishing your content. Here’s how it works.

2. Write a TON of articles.

As a new writer on AC, you’re going to start out as a level 1 writer, and you’re not going to get that much for your articles.

However, the more you write, and the more popular your articles, the quicker you move up levels, and the more money you make.

The more articles you write, the more page views you’ll get. The more page views you have, the higher and quicker you move up in level on Associated Content.

And the higher your level, the more you get paid NOT ONLY for upfront payment on your articles, but you ALSO get paid more for page views.

3. Comment on other AC writer’s articles.

Network, network, network. Find a popular article, comment on it. People will see your comment, click your name and see what you’re about and why you feel the need to comment.

That can only lead to interest in your articles. Also favorite writers you like. Read their articles, get them to read yours.

4. Use Widgets, Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter.

So just about everyone is using social networking sites nowadays like Myspace and Facebook. Put a link to your newest article in your status after you’ve been published. Post bulletins and notes linking your article, write a blog and post it.

AC also has tools called “widgets” that “plug in to” your account on these sites and auto-post your new AC articles on them, so every one of your friends can click on it, which generates a LOT of page views.

5. StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox explorers and I LOVE it. Install StumpleUpon (see my article on how to use it, published after this one) and after your articles are published, click the “I Like It!” icon on your stumbleupon toolbar.

This will notify Stumbleupon of the new website, you can give it a good rating, and this makes it more like for YOUR article to pop up when surfers are looking for “art” “high definition movies” “rap lyrics” or whatever it may be.

Good Luck!

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