How to Make Money Online


I constantly see ads about making money online on almost every Web site I go on. I did some research and tried to find out how real it is. There are several ways to make money online and a lot of those strategies are free.

You can earn money by posting ads on your Web site, making videos, writing articles/reviews, reading e-mail, clicking links, doing surveys and gambling. I’ve tried five of those things and gotten paid. However, it wasn’t a replacement for a full time job.

To earn money by posting ads on your website, you need an account with Google Adsense. I just opened one not too long ago. The setup is pretty easy if you are good at following directions. Having experience in web design is not required for this, but it will help.

You’ll need your own web space though, and that requires the act of purchasing. Also, you have to generate a great amount of traffic to your website to get paid using Adsense.

Another way to make money online is making videos. People actually earn money on YouTube. However, your videos have to have thousands of hits to generate revenue. You can create a video blog and upload videos regularly and gain an audience. This requires some time.

You can also write for money. There are sites such as this one that pay for written work. The pay range varies with each website. This is the fastest way I earned money online. If your writing skills are decent, then this may be a great way to earn money online for you.

I used to have an account with a website called Inbox Dollars. They sent me paid e-mails. For each e-mail I opened, I was paid something cents. There are other ways to earn on this website.

You can sign up for special offers and Inbox Dollars will credit your account. Most of those special offers come with fees so I never did any of those. I also tried sites where I got paid to click on links. Each link paid only a fraction of a cent. That took forever, and it wasn’t fun.

I got paid doing surveys from Pinecone Research, but I don’t have an account with them anymore. They paid $5 per survey, and they sent the check before they e-mail you the survey.

I stopped doing the surveys and stopped getting paid. It’s very difficult to register for this site, because you can only register by clicking on their ads. Their ads rarely appear anywhere. I don’t even know if they still exist.

I heard about people getting rich by gambling online. This has got to be the most risky out of all the other ways to make money online.

Some people are very good at poker and make thousands gambling online. It’s a bad idea for beginners though. I haven’t tried, and I don’t plan on trying.

There are many scams out there that claim you can make a great living by making money online. Those scams usually try to get you to buy some sort of tutorial. I don’t know anybody that has made money by learning from those tutorials. I also see ads on Facebook that say “make money posting links on Google.”

I did research on that and found that it was a way to gain traffic to their websites that were loaded with Google ads by Adsense. You can try any of the options I listed above and get paid, but I don’t recommend you to quit your day job.

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