How to Make Money Out of Blogging


If you want to earn money out of blogging, you should know the ultimate fact about it: NOT ALL BLOGS CAN GENERATE MONEY.

First you must know the reason of blogging. People or bloggers post blogs for some reasons such as below:

  • For pastime
  • As a personal journal
  • To gain friends
  • To give others advise or help
  • To meet a date
  • To be recognized
  • To make a living
  • To advertise a business

The last two reasons would help in you make money out of blogging. Wonder how?

If you are in a business you could actually advertise your products or services just by blogging without getting money from your own pocket because most blogs sites are actually offering free blogs.

That is one way of making money effortlessly.

If you have a talent in writing and you have a blog and you could create loyal readers, you could be hired as a writer for a website or other bloggers.

Most websites today are employing writers to keep their websites updated with articles.

You could make an on-line store out of blogging. Selling stuff like as caps, coins, books, t-shirts, accessories etc. to your friends is a great way to make money.

You could also make money when referring a reader to the business you are affiliated with. This works on commission-based.

When you have a large number of readers, you could actually sell them blogs or make them blogs in exchange of a labor fee.

It might seem ridiculous to ask for a tip to readers after reading your blogs but it actually works!

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