How to Make Money Travel Writing

1. Love what you do

first and foremost, it sounds cheesy, but you have to. It has to come from the essence of your being, the core of your existence, you get my drift. You didn’t become a travel writer for the money, and if you did…well, you were misinformed.

2. Find your niche

Observe your own writing and see what it is that defines you as a writer so you can distinguish yourself from the millions of other writers also trying to make it.

3. Make connections

Go to writer’s conferences or any other events where you can meet people and make contacts. It’s useful to have a business card handy and don’t be afraid to be forward, but never pushy.

4. Start small

You have to start accumulating small accolades along your way to fame. Start submitting articles to small publications to get published. Make sure they don’t try to scam you by not paying for your work.

5. Enter contests

There are plenty of travel contests online, and you can actually win a pretty hefty sum of cash in some of these. One example is a travel contest that gives away $200 first prize for the best travel advice piece submitted using mixed media. Link here. That’s a month’s spending money in countries like South America!

6. Face rejection

It’s a fact in life. You will be rejected. Get over it and move on. Your skin needs to be tough for you to survive out there in the competitive world of journalism, which brings us to our last point,

7. Keep chuggin

Becoming a successful travel writer won’t happen overnight. As you experience more things and write about them, your writing skills will develop and improve. Talk to other writers, take classes, read. If you are truly passionate and keep at the game, it will pay-off one day.

Happy Writing!

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