How to Make More Money with Your Writing


It’s always a good idea to look for ways to make more money with your writing. It’s never good to become complacent, even if you think you are doing alright. Below are tips to help you increase your sales.

Keep sending in your submissions. This way you will become a “regular” to their publication (if they accept your work often), and the editor will sometimes increase your rate of payment.

Don’t be afraid to send in too much, but make sure to send in your best. Wait until you hear back about your first submission before sending in a second one.

Spread the word that you want to make more money with your writing. Often, a writer friend can steer you to a new publication, or recommend you to an editor.

Never be shy and always be pleasant and friendly. It may not get you more leads every time, but it definitely can help.

Instead of just sticking to print magazines, send in your work to online websites or e-zines. They may not pay as well as print publications, but they are paying markets, offering from $5-25 or more.

I submit to them because I enjoy receiving an acceptance, and it does add up. They also have high standards, so make sure you check your work for clarity, grammar, etc. Here are examples of the type of websites and newsletters you can send your submissions to.

Associated Content,, submit your work on their site

My article “The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating” appears there.
Pays $1-20 upfront payment.

Absolute Write Newsletter,

My article “How to Write Fillers,” gives various tips on how to make more money writing fillers. Here is the link for it:

Coffee Break for Writers,
Here’s a link to my article on “Selling Greeting Card Verses Q&A”
Peaceable Kingdom Press takes greetings for children. The one I sold was:
An elephant with a tu-tu on and my greeting: “Hope your birthday is tu-tu
They pay $50 for each greeting accepted

If you follow the above tips, you will increase your chances to get that most-welcomed acceptance letter and check.

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