Law of Attraction: Manifesting Money


Why Manifesting More Money Can Be Difficult for Many

When it comes to the law of attraction and those who are trying to manifest money things get a little sticky. Unfortunately, when it comes to the money factor everything we know about law of attraction goes out the window.

As most know, both your state of mind and vibration have everything to do with your ability to attract the things you want into your life. So, why is manifesting money so difficult?

Because we can’t remove ourselves from a place of fear and lack, to actually bring in the money we desire.

As we attempt to bring in more money, our mind goes into fear mode and as it always goes with law of attraction, we attract more reasons to be in fear than reasons to leave a state of fear.

Most people can use law of attraction to attract love, people, job promotions and many other things but more money; that is a bird of a different feather.

We place limits on our money or we institute old beliefs surrounding money that can make it difficult for money to flow to us easily.

Very few people were raised to believe that money was limitless or that they could find a fun way to make money and yet, it’s entirely possible and very possible that you can actually bring in more money doing something you love and by not working yourself to death in order to bring it in.

Apply the law of attraction as it’s meant to be and you will find more money flowing into your life than you have ever dreamed and even better it’s coming in a way that you enjoy.

First step in this process: Pay attention to both your body and mind as you think about money.

How does your body feel as you think about having more money? Does it feel good and relaxed or does it feel tense and maybe even a bit sick?

If it’s nervous and sick, then law of attraction is not going to be helpful to you as you will be attracting more reasons to feel this way.

  • What is it that makes you feel sick?
  • Do you have more debt than you can pay?
  • Do you have more lack that abundance?

Here are some alternative thoughts to have instead of just focusing on the money.

Debt usually is followed by someone extending credit to you. Instead of thinking about what you owe, think about why this creditor trusted you with their money.

Isn’t it nice that someone else trusted you enough to loan you some of their¬†money?

Isn’t it nice to have that credit? Didn’t you get something you wanted or needed out of that money? Aren’t you glad it was available to you when the credit was extended?

Instead of thinking about that credit as a burden, consider all the benefits that came with it. You weren’t always in debt and that means you don’t always have to be in debt.

Regardless of the reason your body felt sick and tense over the thought of money, you have the power to shift that thought and find something good about it. What are the causes of your money stress?

Wasn’t there a time that was a good thing? Think about that until you don’t feel so tense and sick when you think of it.

Next step in this process: Ask yourself this question. What limiting beliefs do you have surrounding money?

Do you believe that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? Do you believe only a select few get the bulk of the money?

Do you believe yourself to be outside of that select few? Do you feel you deserve to have a nice comfortable life?

Do you believe you have to work really hard for anything you might be able to obtain in your life? Do you believe that no matter how hard you work, that you will never make enough money?

All of these are limiting beliefs and limited beliefs mean law of attraction is going to respond to the limits you have placed on it.

Maybe your belief is a little different than anything posted above but these are a good place to start.

Now, I want you to take any and all limiting beliefs and think about when did you first have these kinds of thoughts.

Are they really even your beliefs or are they the beliefs of others in your life? Your parents, spouse, co-workers and friends have a strong influence on your belief system and when it comes to money beliefs most of us are easily swayed.

What proof do you have that any of these things are always, one hundred percent true?

Just because this has been your experience is not enough to claim any of these beliefs to always be true.

If you can’t prove it to always be true for every person, every time, then why should it be true for you?

Take some time and repeat that last sentence to yourself until you begin to deprogram your old beliefs and begin to at least believe the in the possibility of it being at least slightly different for yourself.

As you being to apply just these two steps, you will find that money comes in easier and it doesn’t feel so impossible to attain in your current reality.

Law of attraction is not looking to punish you but it does respond only to what you offer it.

If you are offering it worry, stress and lack then by natural law it will return those same things back to you.

Take a few minutes each day and imagine what your perfect source of income would look like.

How much is that perfect source bringing in everyday? How happy are you? Where do you live?

What kind of car do you have? Detail this image in your mind, on paper, in words, in any way that makes it feel real to you.

Practice this everyday and you might just be surprised at how easily you begin to attract many of the very things you have imagined.

Law of attraction doesn’t discriminate between reality and fantasy it only recognizes the emotion and belief behind what you offer to it.

Offer up something incredible and you will find that you get something incredible in return.

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