Make Money Blogging with Targeted Keywords

How to Attract More Readers, Make More Money, and Get More Clicks


How do you make money online? One way is to attract more Google attention and search engine results is to make the keywords you use in SEO or search engine optimization more targeted and relevant.

How do you refine your SEO to make more money blogging? The first thing to do is to research your current list of keywords. If you aren’t using keywords in your blog, especially in and around your affiliate links and other money making tools, you’re cheating your blog out of good traffic from search engines.

Websites such as use a specific list of keywords and search terms in the posts to make the information more accessible by people doing Google searches.

What is your blog about? How do you research your blogging projects each day? Use the same search terms you would use to research new blog topics as a good first place to start. Try to stick with a narrow, but diverse collection of search terms.

For example, if you are blogging about Michael Jackson, you would use a set of SEO keywords like this:

  • Michael Jackson
  • Michael Jackson funeral
  • Michael Jackson dies
  • Michael Jackson Thriller
  • Michael Jackson Paul McCartney
  • Michael Jackson controversey
  • Thriller
  • Beat It
  • Michael Jackson Beat It

Notice that all the keywords are tightly grouped around the main subject. These keyword groups work together in your blog’s favor to make the post more discoverable by search engines.

Consider how a site like makes moneyonline; this site offers reviews of vinyl records and DJ gear, but they also sell books and music through direct sales and affiliate links.

The more specific keywords used in reference to the gear (like Technics, Technics turntable, headphones, DJ mixer, DJ console,, etc) the more easily the site is located on when people search for these terms.

The terms are not all over the map–they are focused and used with precision in the relevant posts. Putting these keywords in combinations with other powerful keywords such as relevant brand names makes your post even more discoverable. Consider:

“Michael Jackson represented Pepsi at the height of his career.”

See the keyword combination in that sentence? The key is to use only the relevant keywords and not to clutter up your article with irrelevant search terms that, while still popular, distract the reader from the point of your article.

If your article isn’t reader friendly, your visitors won’t click your Google Adsense ads or your affiliate ads. You want to make more money online, so you need ot make your articles and blog posts solid, readable and enjoyable. That’s the key to success.

Here’s another hint. Go to another blog that writes about the same topics you do, and in your browser toolbar under the “View” tab, click “View Page Source”. Look for the meta keywords your competition uses and try to appropriate the ones that are right for your own blog.

This guarantees you will become more competitive and you will draw more Google searches to your site.

There are many other strategies, some you will discover while implementing these. The secret when it comes to trying to make money blogging is to use a variety of tools at your disposal. Don’t rely on one or two–use a whole arsenal.

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