Make Money on eBay : 5 Surprising Ways to Lose a Sale


Selling on eBay is fun and profitable. A listing’s quality can make or break your sale. Here are some surprising ways you can lose customers.

1. End auctions at the wrong time

A seller can easily lose exposure for their item by simply selling at the wrong time. This means that you can set your auctions to end too early in the week when no one is online to bid or too early in the day.

I’ve seen some of my items sell for twice the price when I simply relisted it at a better time of day. A good time to list is to have it end on the weekend, when most people are on and in the evening when people are home from work.

2. Starting auctions too low

You never thought you’d lose a sale by how low the item costs. However, when most people search for low cost items within their price range, they start at .99 cents or higher. This is because eBay is often flooded with irrelevant items and erroneous listings.

Many sellers will try to list iPod covers for low prices and somehow these get flooded in searches when people are trying to find actual iPods. So many smart buyers will set their price ranges for searches to weed these listings out. If your item’s starting price is too low, it may get sifted out, as well.

3. Description vs pictures

When it comes to eBay, sellers often think that it’s important to “sell” the item by overly describing it. However, too much talk can be distracting and aren’t what buyers are really interested in.

Buyers can not see the item and have to rely on the information you give them. This is why pictures are much more effective at selling an item than any description. Some of my best sales have gone through with no words and only really good detailed pictures.

4. Too much feedback

The general concept is the larger you are the more people will trust in you to make a sale. Sometimes, this works the opposite way on eBay. Large sellers are often heavily backed up with orders, often sell off the internet and aren’t very personable with communication.

This can cause issues for the buyer and some even choose to avoid large sellers and stick to smaller ones with good feedback. In my experience, I’ve received better communication and faster service from smaller sellers.

5. Listing similar items

You might wonder why a buyer would get caught up with items they are not buying. However, buyers may get confused and not know which item is the one they are looking for.

Often, sellers can confuse the buyer by listing different variations of one item on different listings. Buyers can get worried that the right item may not ship.

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