Get Paid for Doing What is Easy!


For the Poet that Is

Can you really get paid for writing riddles, and rhymes?

The short quick answer is a resounding “Yes”. Yes you can.

If you are a little unsure of your poetry writing skills you can sign up to write on Associate Content, to write. This will help you to build confidence as others read the poetry you have written.

This is the easy way, but the pay will be very low, as most of the poetry published will be for page views only, meaning you will have to have a large number of page views in order to earn a few pennies.

But at least you will be able to say that you have been published someplace, and you can refer all your friends to your poetry.

Now there are poetry contests that you can enter to win prizes, one of the most well-known and popular is Poetry.Com ( I have published on this site several times, and been sent letters to come see if I have won the ten thousand dollar grand prize.

But as I entered because I needed the ten thousand dollars, I did not see that it would be wise for me to spend several hundred or thousand dollars for travel expenses, to see if I could possibly have won.

So I just kept the letter, and stayed home. Maybe I would have won, who knows, but I could not take that gamble as I really needed the dollars for the household bills.

Now on the plus side if you write on you will get to see your poem in print online, and you can ask others to buy the book your poem will be published in.

But you won’t get paid, the publishers i.e.: ( will however make a lot of money on all of those who decide to purchase the book, or books that have their poem(s) included.

This is not a site I would suggest to anyone if they seriously want to publish their poetry and get paid. It is more of a vanity type publishing than anything. Because you can say you have been published in a book if someone ever asks you. “Have you ever been published?”

But as I said you can get paid, you can get paid a tiny amount if you publish your poem on Associate Content, this will be page view payment. This is not really a lot at all as you can see by clicking on this link to the page view payment information.


Getting paid for what you write is very encouraging to the aspiring writer, so this is a good choice if you are looking to build confidence.

Now if you have an established portfolio of material that you can show to a publisher you may want to consider greeting card companies. Most of the time you will need to send what is called a query letter. You will want to first ask if the company you are contacting is accepting freelance writing.

Most if not all large greeting card companies are online now. So I would suggest going to the company of your choice online, then find the site map, (usually located in tiny print at the bottom of the web page)

Now click on that, look for career’s or opportunities.

I went to a couple of sites and did this for you, first is a link to Hallmark, mostly because it is one of the most well known, worldwide I believe.


Now I just went and checked the “American Greeting Cards” company, to submit your work there you may have to be a little more creative.

As this is what I just found on their site, (This is a direct quote by the way)

How do I submit my creative work for American Greetings Corporation consideration?

We have a large staff of creative personnel, including writers, artists and photographers, who furnish us with all of our needs. As a general rule, to avoid any appearance of a conflict with these creative efforts, we have adopted a policy of not accepting unsolicited materials or disclosures of ideas.

You may want to contact the Greeting Card Association, at their Web site to purchase further information regarding publishers that will accept creative submissions)

If you still desire to write for this company after reading what they have on their website, you can click on the link they have provided, and follow any instructions listed there for consideration. Maybe you will be able to write for this company. But remember patience and good manners, along with an excellent resume is very important.

You can find more helpful information here


So as you look around for different places to write for higher pay, I would suggest you continually practice writing, also read others poetry. Think about what makes a poem good, bad, great or just something to throw in the trash.

Another thought on that don’t just read poetry and poems but read books, as wide a variety as interests you. You never know when you will come across something that will inspire you to write something.

You can write for pay, some places will pay more than others. You can also write your own book of poetry and sell that. A very good site that I have just found that will help you do that is


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