How to Get Paid to Blog


Believe it or not you can actually be paid to post to your blog. I admit I was skeptical at first, I mean after all there has to be a catch right? After all there usually is when something sounds too good to be true.

However, when I actually did the research, and spoke to others who have been being paid to blog, I was astounded to realize you actually can make money from blogging.

However, there are a couple of requirements if you want to get paid to blog, first and foremost you must have a blog that has been in existence for at least 90 days, although there are a few exceptions where it can be 30 days old, but this is rare.

Also, your blog must be indexed in the major search engines such as Google, and Yahoo for example.

After all, if your blog cannot be found by searching for it on a search engine, then you’re not going to get many page views and who is going to pay you to post to a blog that has little to no traffic?

So, it’s important that your blog be in existence for a while and that your blog can be found on Google, and the other major search engines.

Okay, so you’ve got a blog that is 90 days old or older, and your blog can be found in the search engines, what is next?

Well, next is that you have be sure you have been posting regularly to your blog, no less than every couple of days is best, and if you can do it everyday that is even better.

Most paid to blog opportunities want to be able to look at your blog and see that you have been regularly posting.

If you have let a week or more go by between posts, and this has been the norm, then the people with the money are going to be less interested in hiring you to post to your blog.

You may be wondering what kinds of opportunities for getting to paid to blog there are. There are actually several different ways to make your blog a money making one. The first is by having Google Adsense ads on your blog. Anyone can do this, and it is free.

You make your money by readers of your blog clicking on ads. You won’t get rich quick but since it is a virtual no-brainer, meaning once you set it up, you sit back and your blog does the rest, it’s a very nice way to make some extra cash.

Another way to get paid for blogging is to sign up Pay Per Post is one of the ones that is reputable and pays.

Others are Pay u 2 Blog, and Blog to Profit to name a few. Some have opportunities that pay more than others, but signing up for all of them or several of them will increase your monthly income.

There are also opportunities to blog where if you have an existing blog on a particular topic such as say fashion for example, there are companies which will pay you to just write your normal blog entries. You can find some of these opportunities here

A final way to make money from your blog, and I didn’t even know about this one until recently is to post links on your blog. Yes, you now can be paid to do something as innocuous as posting a link back to another website.

Of course it probably helps if you try to pick ones that fit with your blog’s topics.One place to find out about this opportunity is here,

These are only a short listing of the ways you can make extra money blogging, and they are definitely worth looking into.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a blog you have been posting regularly to, or that you are willing to post ads and links on. If this is the case, simply sign up for a new blog, post to it often, and pick a topic that you can easily insert ads and links to.

Once your 90 days are up, all you have to do is go and submit your blog to the various websites such as Blogvertise, and Blog to Profit to name a few, and you will be on your way to making money with your blog.

Oh, and you can sign up for a Google Adsense account right away and post your code so you can begin making cash from those clicks!

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