Paid Opportunities – No Hassle, No Problem


I wrote an article previously telling you how to manage your email inbox if you’ve signed up to paid opportunity sites, now I will go in much deeper with a list of things you should do and remember when signing up to on-line paid opportunity websites.

It’s easy to understand and will help you on your way to making money easily and without any problems!

Sign up to multiple sites!

Paid opportunity sites are a nice and convenient way to make some extra money, but if you’re like me and you really want to go all the way I suggest signing up to not just one but several. Sign up to as many as you want! Remember this is your money, make as much as you want with as many sites as you want!

Control your email.

In my last article I explained how to manage your inbox with such sites. Here is an overview.

Create a new email address ( or works). Make it so your email address reflects your paid opportunity interest (i.e and never use your full name in the email. (i.e

Now make new folders that correspond with each paid opportunity site you’ve signed up to and sort your folders so that each email you get from sites will automatically go into the right folder, making it easier for you to check and maintain your inbox. For more in dept description go here.

Never give out social security numbers or ID numbers!

If a site asks you for this run away! This is probably a scam and a way to lure you in so you can be a victim of identity theft.

Never pay to sign up.

You shouldn’t have to pay a site to sign up to their services when it comes to on-line paid opportunities. You’re working for that site, and you shouldn’t have to pay to work.

If the site you’re registered to has trial offers and it’s required to pay a small amount, make sure that the payout given to you by that site is bigger than the amount you have to pay.

Pace yourself.

If you are dedicated to working on-line, you may be spending several hours a day working with each site, but remember to pace yourself. Never sit long sessions doing nothing but working.

Give yourself some balance, work one or two hours in the morning, then go do something else for a few hours and come back. You’re in control, so work at your own pace!

Don’t get discouraged.

If you get denied an offer, or don’t qualify for a survey, or your paid email has been canceled don’t get discouraged. It happens a lot and trust me there are lots more for you to fill out and give your opinion on. Don’t let a few denials get you down.

Avoid being scammed.

Always check reviews on sites before you sign up to them. I also read this nice article from a girl named Tori on her website, who is also a CP here.

She gave some great advice about always taking screen shots of a websites F.A.Q and Terms of Service and saving them, so if you end up falling prey to a scam like a site not wanting to pay you or your account being mysteriously disabled, chances are that they will change their F.A.Q and Terms of Service so you can’t get your money, but if you save previous copies of them, you’ll have proof to show they do owe you money.

Make sure there’s a contact page.

Always make sure the sites you’re signing up to have a contact page, where it shows a way to email them and maybe even a live chat so you can always consult with someone if you have a problem.

Check the web site’s forums!

If the site you signed up to has web forums remember to check them periodically. Web-forums are a great way to understand and learn more about a company.

Lots of people post different things on a web forum, like tips on how to make money, or even how well the paid opportunity site really is. Interact with fellow forum members, and share your opinion as well.

Record your offers and surveys.

Some sites have a wait time on when they can approve different offers, so always write down what offers you’ve done and when you completed them so you’ll know when they should approve it and let them know when they haven’t.

Remember: You’re the Boss.

If you decide to not do anything for a couple of days, and you just want to relax and enjoy your time, well go ahead. You’re your own boss, and it’s okay to slack off if you want to. No one is forcing you to do any of this, so work on your own time and when you want to!

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