Making Money Online: Can it Really Happen?


I have been using the Internet for about ten years now, and I have realized that there are millions of different ways that a person can make money on the Internet, but are any of them for real?

Over the years I have looked for ways to earn an extra income on the world wide web, I figured if I was sitting by my computer, and was writing, and reading, there had to be some sort of job out there for me to do in my spare time.

I found was that there are so many scams out there it is almost impossible to find the jobs that actually are for real.

I have paid for programs that promise me riches, and free websites, and opportunities for making some quick cash on the Internet, and that was probably one of the stupidest things that I ever could have done.

The Internet is a great place to make money, but you actually need to know what you are doing, and most people do not.

I have a website and I realized along time ago that earning money from this site was not easy, and to this day I still have never made enough money to quit my job, wake up at noon, and go on vacations every month.

I found out that the only real money I make with my website is through google and their adsense program, proving that most people don’t want to stay on my website, they just want to click on another link that takes them to another person’s website that is paying a lot more for advertising than me.

I actually do not pay anything for advertising, because I just do not have enough money to invest into my website, and I am just not that passionate about it.

I have dipped my fingers into the online survey business. I like online surveys because I think they are fun, and a person can earn a little bit of money completing them.

A lot of advertisements that you can click on for surveys promise to pay you $50-$150 per hour doing online surveys. This is a flat out lie.

I have signed up for almost every survey site on these websites, that require a person basically to pay for a large database of survey sites, and have never even came close to earning this sort of money. I can usually make about $10-20 a day, and this would amount to about two to three hours of completing surveys.

I have been to actual job search sites and most of the work at home opportunities are scams and offer positions that are unrealistic and impossible. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

If there actually was a job out there that was that easy, and a person could make some much money in so little time, these companies would not have to pay to advertise to get people to work for them.

The number one piece of advice I can give a person looking for work on the Internet is “be skeptical”. A person who searches for a job on the Internet, believing that they can actually be a millionaire with in the next year, is simple a fool.

Just find something that you enjoy doing, and work hard at it in your spare time, or full time if you can afford to do that, and put your practice and advice into your work, and work hard to get people to find your work.

You might not make thousands of dollars, but at least you will not be getting “ripped off”, and you will be enjoying what you do.

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