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In addition to getting my two businesses off the ground, there are some websites that have helped me make some decent income at home. Below is a list of the top ten websites that I have been able to make money with online.

Associated Content

I have had a lot of success on this website. I make between $2 and $4 in upfront payments for most of my eligible articles, plus I have gotten into the habit of trying to write popular articles for performance payments.

I have also earned some performance payments for my poetry, and Associated Content gives me the most artistic freedom of any site.

I have also made some wonderful friends here in the writing community. They pay via PayPal a couple days after an article is accepted.

Break Studios

Break Studios is a wonderful site. You can claim articles that they need written, and they are all between 250 and 700 words. If you follow their guidelines, which are pretty easy to follow, you will be paid $8 per article.

My best advice is to choose articles that you don’t need to research very much, because it will be much quicker and easier to write.

So far in about a month and a half I have made $144, only doing it part time. I plan on spending a lot more time with it this month. Visit to apply. They pay via PayPal twice a month.


I have started spending more time posting on my Blogger. I will post articles there that I have posted here on AC as display only or non-exclusive, and I have earned a few cents so far on Google Adsense.

I hope that as I post more content and gain more traffic I will make more revenue on Adsense.

Readbud is a simple site where you join their website, rate the articles available, and get paid between $.03 and $.20 per rating. You don’t have to stay on the article for any length of time as long as you rate it.

While it’s nice to read all the articles, you don’t have to if you are pressed for time. Payout is by PayPal, and you can cash out at $50.

This would probably take a month and a half but at least it’s a decent little extra income you can do in about three minutes of your day. I have made about a dollar a day, and you get a $5 referral bonus when your friends reach payout.

Mturk is run by Amazon, and it is a crowdsourcing platform. Companies that have a lot of small tasks that need to be done by a human but don’t want to hire someone will post the tasks on mturk, where you can do the task and be paid via PayPal.

Tasks pay from $.01 to $20, but you will find mostly $.01 to $.25 tasks on a regular basis. This doesn’t seem like much, but I have made about $30 in the past couple of months just doing tasks here and there.

A lot of the tasks are really easy so you can do the $.01 cent tasks over and over again and make a decent amount in an hour.


Don’t quit your day job here, but MyLot is a decent forum where you can talk about anything you want and be paid for your posts.

You will not make a lot of money, but a little bit is better than nothing, plus you can talk about whatever you wish.


I am, as a rule, NOT a fan of pay to click sites. I found myself scammed and wasting my time. This site, however, seems like it’s legit and different from the irritating ones.

I have just joined, and I will update with information about it as soon as I know more. I am excited about this one!

Blue Mountain Cards

If you go to you can get information on how to submit poems for their greeting cards. If your poems are accepted you will be paid $300 for the full rights to the poem.

I have not entered my poems yet but I plan on doing so very soon, and hopefully they will be accepted! I’ll update again on this as soon as I hear more.


AOL’s is a great content site. They pay at least $10 for a 100 word article and some articles pay a lot more (for more words of course).

I have entered a few articles there and one has been rejected, but the others are still in review. Crossing my fingers for that one but I know that it pays!

Mahalo is a great, easy site. You earn Mahalo dollars by asking and answering questions, and people can offer money to tip you for your answers. Some people offer tips of $20 or more!

Every Mahalo dollar counts for $.75, and you can cash out once you reach $150 Mahalo ($112.50 USD). This will take a while, but the site is fun!

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