Sites for College Students to Earn Income


If you are currently going to college or planning to but wonder how the heck are you going to earn income? There are many ways to find work and it just depends what you want to do. Make sure it is something that you enjoy as well as get paid on what you love to do.

I don’t like the idea of keep borrowing student funds until it runs out in order to help while going to offline college but it sure helps if you know what places online to look for work. Here are sites worth checking out and some tips for college folks or people thinking about it.

1. Barefoot Student

Current college students can find jobs that only apply to college folks. It is something like craigslist but a site for college folks.

Most of these jobs are done offsite but sometimes can find a telecommute position to work at home. If you are taking online college taking online jobs would be easier especially if you are a mom with young kids.

2. Craigslist

Just like Barefoot student there are telecommute jobs but this site have more. Another tip in order to earn income on here is to sell the items you no longer need and even get some free and cheap items that people no longer need. You turn that around and try to make a profit with it.

You also have the option to post up your resume for your potential employer to see it. You never know who will want to view what kind of skills you have to offer and might want to contact you right away.

3. Backpage

This is a site mainly like craigslist but the difference is that this one doesn’t have a resume section. Just like on craigslist, you can also sell stuff online at the site. Take the same tip about getting cheap and free stuff to turn that around and make money doing it for free.

4. Snag A Job

They do have some telecommute positions but unfortunately they charge you to work at home. This site is only worth getting the ones where if you want to work outside of the house.

Most are pretty part time and the application process to join the site is worth the while. They do email you about these companies in your local area that are currently hiring.

5. Simply Hired

It is not a job board but a job search engine. It lists all of the job sites looking for certain occupation. Pretty useful and great when you don’t want to go through all of the job sites.

6. MediaBistro

If you are a journalist, writer or editor take some time to check out this site which have telecommute jobs for writing. In order to apply directly at the site to the potential employer, you have to sign up which is for free. They do charge you if you want to have a profile on there to be one of the top people.

7. Associated Content

You may be wondering why I included Associated Content. We all know that it is a site for freelance writers to share what they know but do you also stop to think that you can also get some job ideas?

If you are stuck and wonder what kind of jobs to look for, this is one of the best as well as any other sites for writers to share. I have learned some stuff about what promotional brand ambassador does and because of the site, I have been doing a few so far. Nice income ideas here.

I hope that you have some ideas on finding a job or two. I had listed the direct link to the sites worth checking out on a daily basis. Your “dream job” might appear on there.

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